Twinning Association

The idea of Bradworthy twinning with a French village arose in the early 1980's.

Enquiries made with the Local Government International Bureau and Devon County Council produced a suitable 'twin' - the village of Audrieu in Calvados, Normandy.

After initial enthusiasm and an inaugural visit by some Bradworthy residents to Audrieu the project lost momentum, and it was not until 1989 that enthusiasm was rekindled and contacts were re-established.

Signing the charter

Signing the charter with Audrieu in 1991

Audrieu is a rural village near Bessin and the open country of Caen and Bayeux. The population is approximately 800 and the principal economic activity is agriculture - arable and dairy farming.

The Twinning Association aims to foster friendship and understanding between the two villages.

The Association is mainly self-financing, relying upon fund raising activities and subscriptions, apart from some grants from the Carnival Committee, and the Parish and District councils.

The Charter officially twinning the two villages was signed in 1991, and the Association's activities have now settled into the routine of alternate annual visits.

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