Charles Garvice, a writer of popular romances early this century, lived for many years in Bradworthy, mainly at Moorlands, a house he built on the site of former old cottages.



Mrs. Florence Lott, an ornithologist, wrote 'A Bell In Its Throat', which was an account of her wide travels and bird watching activities in the British Isles and overseas, including Scandinavia and beyond the Arctic Circle. She was also an accomplished musician.

Bruce Beddow, who lived for some years in the village was an author, his books of fiction have been published in America.

James Walrond Burrough, a former engineering and science master, who during the latter years of his life resided in Bradworthy, wrote a book entitled 'The Principles of Geometry', which was published by the Pergamon Press.

Winifred Bowler, also a resident for a few years (she died in 1979) was the writer of short stories and articles.

Cecil Collacott has researched and written much of the history of Bradworthy, neighbouring parishes and Colonial emigration last century, in booklets and numerous articles. In collaboration with Mr. Humphrey Toms (Vancouver) and Mr. Reg Walter (Erith, Kent), he has transcribed the Parish Church Registers from 1548 to 1860. The Rev. Peter Sutton continued the transcriptions to 1979 and also transcribed many other important records.

Tom Popham, a Bradworthy farmer who lived a Whiteley, wrote and published a novel entitled 'Kicked Overboard', which illustrated, through the lives of his characters, the evils of alcohol.

A poem by Mrs. June Littlejohns appears in 'Autumn Anthology' published by the Regency Press. During recent years Mrs. Littlejohns has been the winner of a number of literary competitions. (January 1977)

Mrs. June Littlejohns is a gifted and versatile worker in an artistic and decorative capacity and has given much voluntary help to village organisations. One of her hobbies is taking part in consumer competitions, in which she has had phenomenal success, winning numerous and valuable prizes.

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