Bradworthy Moor

Bradworthy Moors are the common lands of the ancient manor. Last century some local landowners tried to enclose some of the commons, but the hedges which were built by day were demolished by villagers at night.

During the Second World War the moor was requisitioned by the War and Agricultural Committee who ploughed up some of the land and planted wheat and potatoes. The western moor of Bradworthy Common was released by Devon War and Agricultural Committee in December 1946, with other sections returned to the possession of the village as late as October 1950.

Of fond memory was the unofficial practice of swaling. This involved burning the furse on the Moor and was supposed to take place on Good Friday - usually a bunch of kids put a match to it!

Bradworthy Moor was designated a site of special scientific interest in 1992. Sadly, the moors are no longer the haunts of curlews and peewits (horniwinks).