Tamar Lakes

The Lower Tamar Lake was created early last century as a reservoir to supply the old Bude Canal, and subsequently to provide Bude with drinking water. It covers about seventy acres and was made a bird sanctuary in 1949. It is a feature of scenic charm unique in this area.

In December 1935 it was reported that a period of hard frost brought a number of skating enthusiasts to Tamar Lake. Older people were able to recall a season many years earlier when, after exceptionally hard frost, hundreds of people visited Tamar Lake. The ice was nearly 2ft thick, and besides skating, bicycle races were held on it, whilst a gentleman residing in the vicinity rode in a sleigh drawn by a horse around the lake.

The reservoir known as the Upper Tamar Lake was constructed in 1973 and is about eighty acres in extent. It cost £1.5 million, and was opened in October 1977. Fly fishing, sailing, and other water sports are catered for. There is good parking space, a picnic area, a cafe and shop.

About 80% of the Tamar Lakes are actually in the parish of Bradworthy.